Why should you pay HU-GO tax with OBU One

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Why is it better to pay with OBU than with regular tickets? 

Many transporters who need to pay the road toll in Hungary are asking themselves what is the difference between paying the tax through automatic equipments and paying through regular tickets and why paying HU-GO tax with OBU One is advantageous.


Trying to clarify this difference, we highlight some of the benefits using OBU One equipments instead of the usual tickets.

So, why should you pay HU-GO tax with OBU One?

  • You eliminate route scheduling  

While in the past you had to go through several steps to buy a ticket and plan the exact route of the vehicle, now this difficult operation is being replaced by the simple acquisition of an OBU One equipment.

  • The vehicle can change its course any time

If you buy an ordinary ticket, you have to follow the exact route you have paid. By having an OBU equipment, the vehicle can move according to requests without following original routes because the position of the vehicle is being registered and transmitted by toll collection points.

  • You save time while paying

HU-GO account allows you to charge the balance for more than one route. This way, the vehicles can travel several times through Hungary without the drivers or the dispachers to lose time while paying the tickets.

  • If you use HU-GO account, OBU One keeps a history tracking of the bought tickets

HU-GO account is a very useful organizing tool. Taxes paid can be tracked in the account from the very moment you have installed OBU One on the vehicle. Besides, if you don`t have a GPS monitoring system, OBU One sends the vehicle position to HU-GO, so the history of the journey can be viewed on the map found on HU-GO account.

  • You register the invoices and VAT refund is allowed

Any transaction in HU-GO account is registered and invoices are stored in the account. They can be downloaded from personal HU-GO account every time is needed.
Besides, OBU One equipments for paying road toll in Hungary can be also used for monitoring vehicles through GPS. More information about GPS monitoring system can be found here.

For any other suggestions, OBU One team is available for you.

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